by Beka Tsulukidze

theatre and film actor
about the course
Take a look inside yourself, try to hear, to meet and to know your first and the most important instrument — your body.

What this course is about?
Every home appliance has it’s users guide. But we have nothing similar for our body. To understand it and to set it up you need to dive deeply into yourself with sensitivity and concentration.
All the master classes during the course are aimed to find a connection between outer appearances and interior senses. You’ll learn how to hear and understand yourself, how to answer all the inner questions and accept all the answers. You’ll honestly share your own thoughts and desires with yourself.

This course is for those who:
  • is a follow and wants to be a lead
  • is on a way to himself
  • is completing lots of working tasks while forgetting about his own goals
  • has no experience in Acting
  • already has an experience in Acting

about the teacher

Theatre and film actor.
2013-2017 — worked in the Maly Drama Theatre (Theatre de l’Europe), Lev Dodin.
Took a part in performances «Bezlikiye» and «Vernuvshiyesa»

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